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About Start Afresh Cleaning, Ipswich

Start Afresh cleaning started in 2004, because of our reliability, thoroughness and flexibility our client base grew quickly, by word of mouth, and in no time at all; the business growth enabled us to employ our first staff. Start Afresh  Cleaningr rapidly became a thriving business, offering a wide range of services and a personal approach designed to meet the individual customer’s specific needs.

We continually work to ensure the service meets the needs of the client as closely as possible, and our initiatives include:

  • Start Afresh will provide all cleaning products.
  • Eco friendly products can be used at your request.
  • Wet dust, dry dust, polish – your choice
  • Want your special ornaments left untouched or given special care – we can do that.
  • Need additional services – dishwasher emptied, ironing – our staff are happy to help.
  • On holiday and don’t need a clean – there will be no charge.

We spend a considerable amount of time visiting clients or working with the staff to train them and to ensure standards are maintained. We will be very happy to arrange a visit to assess your needs and provide you with a quotation, with no further obligation.

Unusually for a cleaning company, Start Afresh employs all its staff direct. Most businesses require their operatives to be self employed, paying them a flat rate for cleaning hours only.

Because of this arrangement Start Afresh staff benefit from

  • paid holiday,
  • travel expenses,
  • sickness arrangements,
  • no requirement to deal with administration of self employment

We believe this encourages loyal and happy staff who will bring that something extra to their work.


Call us for a friendly, informal, without obligation chat


No industrial chemicals used

We provide all the cleaning products you need.
Wherever possible Eco friendly products are used.

Wet or dry clean - you decide

Wet dust, dry dust, polish – your choice Want your special ornaments left untouched or given special care – we can do that.

Ironing Service

We offer additional services such as laundry, ironing, emptying the dishwasher. Just ask, we are happy to help.

No charge while you are on holiday

If you are on holiday and don’t need a clean, there will be no charge, or why not let us clean and come home to a sparkling clean house.


Start Afresh is a member of the Federaetion of Small Buisnesses     Safer Suffolk Foundation